July Update

It has been roughly 3 months since my first communication regarding COVID-19 and the effect it has had on the allotment society (as well as the know impact to our everyday lives), as such I wanted to provide a further update on the current situation, impact to the society and what we as a committee are looking to do going forward. 

As it stands the UK government has released guidance that allows a reduction in the 2m social distancing rule to allow certain businesses to open, however these measures come with additional protection and diligence, we have also seen a relaxation with regards to meeting up with other households and what has been deemed a 'bubble'. Whilst this is positive news in considering we are returning to a level of normality, extreme care is still required.  There is still no cure for COVID-19 and reduction of infection can only be managed through social distancing and protection, therefore I continue to urge every to follow the guidance I issued earlier in the year, and please, report to myself any confirmed cases or symptoms if you have visited site within 14 days of the confirmation or symptoms respectively - as always this information will be held in the strictest of confidence. 

As you know, summer is a time where we have a number of society events.  We normally hold the BBQ at Netherstowe in July (arranged by the Netherstowe team and members but open to every society member) and the Annual show in August - where everyone is able to show off the products of their hard work. As no doubt expected, we will be holding neither this year.  As it stands there is no guidance from the government on holding social gatherings or when the restriction to do so will be lifted, and whilst this may or may not be a possibility in the next few months, as a duty of care to our members the committee and myself have decided to cancel these events for 2020 - through unanimous decision.  Understanbly this may cause frustration, however may I ask you to understand the situation we are still in, and any issues or concerns please contact me directly. 

A final event held in the year is the social evening, where we present prizes to the winners in the annual show, as well as best plots and potato competition. We also have a quiz and raffle.  As it stands we have decided not to cancel this event, but to keep it under review and make a decision later on this year. 

For now we have not made any decisions on events in 2021. 

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